I Live in Telford, Shropshire. U.K.(IO82SQ), 52 deg N, 2 deg W.

My interest is Band 2 FM DX'ing via Sporadic E, Tropo and Meteor Scatter propagation




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My Band Two DX Activity for June 2017

  Meteor Scatter     Meteor Scatter     Meteor Scatter     Meteor Scatter     Meteor Scatter     Meteor Scatter 
  1 June: Czech Rep {2203}, Finland {6201} and Sweden {E201}.
  2 June: Germany (D3C3  D382}.
  3 June: Germany (D3C3}, Algeria {2203} and Czech Rep {2203}.
  4 June: Slovakia {5340}.
  5 June: France {F202}.
  6 June: Algeria {2203}.
  7 June: Czech Rep {2203}, Finland {6201}, Germany {D3C3}, Sweden {E201} and Slovakia {5340}.
  8 June: Germany {D382} and Poland {3211}.
  9 June: Sweden {E201}.
  10 June: Czech Rep {2203}.
  11 June: Sweden {E201}.
  12 June: Germany {D314}.
  14 June: Germany {D314} and Czech Rep {2203}.
  15 June: Sweden {E201} and Czech Rep {2203}.
  16 June: Czech Rep {2203} and Sweden {E201}.
  17 June: Czech Rep {2203} and Poland {3222}.
  18 June: Sweden {E201} and Czech Rep {2203}.
  20 June: Czech Rep {2203}.
  21 June: Sweden {E201}, Czech Rep {2203} and Poland {3211}.
  22 June: Poland {3211} and Slovakia {5340}.
  Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E     Sporadic E
  1 June: Algeria, Austria, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia.
  2 June: Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.
  3 June: Algeria, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia.
  4 June: Algeria, Croatia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Slovenia.
  5 June: Algeria, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain.
  6 June: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia and Spain.
  7 June: Algeria, Austria, Czech Rep, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.
  8 June: Algeria, Czech Rep, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.
  9 June: Algeria, Albania, Czech Rep, Italy, Croatia, Morocco, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Serbia.
  11 June: Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, Tunisia and Spain.
  12 June: Algeria, France and Italy.
  14 June: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, France and Italy.
  15 June: Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.
  16 June: Nearly all of Europe.
  17 June: Croatia, Czech Rep, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.
  18 June: Nearly all of Europe.
  19 June: Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Finland, Sweden and Spain.
  20 June: Algeria, Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Rep, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugual, Slovenia, Spain and Tunisia.
  21 June: Algeria, Czech Rep,  Morocco, Portugual and Spain.
  Tropo     Tropo Scatter     Tropo     Tropo Scatter     Tropo     Tropo Scatter     Tropo     Tropo Scatter     Tropo
  21 June: Germany & France.
  22 June: France.


Israel received on 87.60MHz via Sporadic E


IBA 88 FM Kol on a frequency of 87.60 MHz. 

2 June 2017, 0710utc

4 June 2017, 1112utc and 1121 utc

PI code was: 42E5 with a partial PS of: ????8~??

AF's logged: 88.00Mhz and 88.20MHz

  2 June 17 Recording   4 June 17 1st Recording with talking 4 June 17 2nd Recording with music  



                    Goodbye NRK, Norway. No more MS, tropo or Es logs from you soon.




87.80MHz Tropo reception. Local PI Code.


87.80MHz Tropo reception. Usual PI Code.

91.90MHz and 92.40 Hz Sporadic E reception.

91.80MHz Tropo reception.








Band 1 DXTV 1998 to 2005


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