Logs for November & December 2001

31/12/2001 09:40 Arabic E2 F2 Reception. Much weaker than yesterday.
30/12/2001 09:23 Arabic E2 Strong sigs with Arabic Sound at times. Only slight QSB.
30/12/2001 10:23 Arabic E2 2 Stations mixing. Both very strong signals.
30/12/2001 11:06 Unknown E3 F2 sigs. Weak with QSB.
30/12/2001 11:23 Arabic E2 Very strong sigs still. Only one station now. Gone by 1200z.
10/12/2001 06:50 Holland E4 NED1. Weak sigs. Troppo.
10/12/2001 21:21 Holland E4 NED1. Still going. Fair sigs, little QSB.
09/12/2001 16:00 Holland E4 NED1. Troppo. Fair sigs, slight QSB.
02/11/2001 09:00 Arabic E2 F2 sigs. Very strong to start, but then a lot of QSB. Gone by 1000z.