Logs from January to March 2002

03/03/2002 08:40 Arabic E2 F2. Quite strong to start with, QRM at times. Became quite weak by 0920z.
03/03/2002 09:40 Arabic E2 F2. Fair sigs though QRM and QSB at times.
02/03/2002 09:30 Arabic E2 F2. 2 Stations mixing. Both strong sigs so bad QRM.
02/03/2002 10:30 Syria E2 F2. Just managed to spot logo thru very bad QRM from another station.
26/02/2002 07:22 Syria E2 F2. Strong sigs but fair QSB at times.
26/02/2002 08:22 Syria E2 F2. Man in Studio, only slight ghosting. No On Screen Logo seen.
26/02/2002 09:22 Syria E2 F2. Strong steady sigs. Arabic writing bottom left of picture.
26/02/2002 10:22 Syria E2 F2. Still very strong sigs. Some QRM at times from another station.
26/02/2002 11:23 Syria E2 F2. Strong mass of QRM. Syria and another station mixing. All gone by 1200z.
25/02/2002 08:00 Arabic E2 F2. Very very strong sigs, little QSB. Logo bottom right and Arabic writing bottom left.
25/02/2002 08:33 Arabic E3 F2. Weak sigs coming and going.
25/02/2002 09:00 Arabic E2 F2. Still strong sigs with QRM now, slight QSB at times.
25/02/2002 09:33 C.I.S. R1 F2 Sigs. Very strong but very smeary sigs. Logo bottom right.
25/02/2002 10:33 C.I.S. R1 F2. Weaker sigs now with QSB.
25/02/2002 10:34 Arabic E2 F2. Fair sigs though QSB & QRM now.
25/02/2002 11:33 Arabic E2 F2. Weak sigs now with QSB.
24/02/2002 08:30 Arabic E2 F2. Fair smeary sigs, little QSB.
24/02/2002 09:30 Arabic E2 F2. Strong smeary sigs, slight QSB & QRM.
24/02/2002 10:30 Arabic E2 F2. Quite a lot of QRM now.
23/02/2002 08:35 Arabic E2 F2. Weaksigs but little QSB.
23/02/2002 09:35 Arabic E2 F2. Fair sigs, some QRM and QSB.
17/02/2002 09:15 Arabic E2 F2. Strong smeary sigs with QRM.
17/02/2002 10:15 Arabic E2 F2. Weaker now with more QSB. Gone by 1100z.
03/02/2002 08:30 Arabic E2 F2. Strong sigs, little QSB.
03/02/2002 09:30 Arabic E2 F2. Still strong sigs. Some QRM now also.
03/02/2002 10:30 Arabic E2 F2. Two stations mixing at times. Very strong sigs, little QSB.
03/02/2002 11:30 Arabic E2 F2. Weaker now, more QSB. Gone by 1200z.
01/02/2002 13:00 Arabic E2 F2. Strong sigs. Little QSB.
01/02/2002 14:00 Arabic E2 F2 sigs. Strong Sigs still. Gone by 1500.
27/01/2002 09:02 Arabic E2 F2. Very strong sigs.
20/01/2002 07:58 Arabic E2 F2. Weak sigs with fair QSB.
20/01/2002 08:58 Arabic E2 F2. Strong sigs but still QSB and some QRM also. Gone by 0930z.
19/01/2002 07:48 Arabic E2 White Arabic Text Logo top left. Strong sigs, little QSB.
19/01/2002 08:48 Arabic E2 F2. Weaker now with a lot of QSB.
13/01/2002 08:58 Syria E2 F2 reception. Very strong sigs. White logo/writing bottom left.
13/01/2002 09:58 Syria E2 F2 Reception. Still very strong sigs. Strong QRM at times now.
13/01/2002 10:58 Syria E2 F2 Reception. Strong sigs but QRM.
13/01/2002 11:58 Syria E2 F2 Reception. Strong sigs still but QRM.
13/01/2002 12:38 C.I.S. R1 Strong sigs. F2 Reception. QRM at times.
13/01/2002 12:58 Syria E2 F2 Reception. Strong smeary sigs.
12/01/2002 13:29 Iran E2 F2. Fair sigs, little QSB. Only lasted 15 minutes.