Troposcatter Propagation


When the bottom end of Band 2 is devoid of Pirate and RSL Stations I can receive signals from Omroep Zeeland, on 87.90MHz located at  Goes in The Netherlands. The distance from Telford to Goes is 450km or 280 Miles. {Another good example was France Info on 105.20Mhz from Lille, a distance of 432km or 268 miles but alas this frequency is no longer clear in my area}.


The recording was made in July 2007 under very flat conditions as the weather in the U.K. was one low pressure system after another with no Tropo enhancements.

 Click to hear the recording of Holland



In the next example I receive France Culture from Alenšon at a distance of 491km or 305 Miles quite regularly. This is on a frequency of 88.00MHz. I do suffer interference from BBC Radio 2 on 88.10MHz but the recording shows how France can rise out of the noise to quite a respectable signal.


 Click to hear the recording of France

Click here to hear 4FM from Rep of Ireland on 94.90MHz fade in and out

Click here to hear NDR 2 from Hamburg on 87.60MHz which only just makes it above the noise level



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