RDS SPY Recordings
If you use RDS Spy software here are some recordings to view. Simply save them them to your hard drive and play them from the software. Alternatively choosing OPEN should open the files in RDS Spy otherwise select the SAVE option or right click over link and  choose "Save Link/Target As".


Sporadic E RDS SPY Recordings



  SNRT Int, Morocco  {87.60MHz} SNRT Chaîne Inter, Morocco  {87.90MHz} Med Radio, Morocco  {90.20MHz}
  Radio Atlantic, Morocco  {92.50MHz} SNRT al-Idaa-al-Amazighia, Morocco  {95.30MHz} SNRT Radio Coran, Morocco  {94.20MHz}




  Hit FM, Spain  {87.70MHz} Onda Cero Radio, Spain  {90.40MHz} RAC 1, Spain  {87.70MHz}
  RNE 1, Spain  {90.10MHz} Candil Radio, Spain  {87.60MHz} COPE, Spain  {87.60MHz}
  ES Radio, Spain  {90.30MHz} Radio Vic, Spain  {90.30MHz} Mi Radio, Spain  {90.10MHz}
  Europa FM, Spain  {87.70MHz} TKO, Spain  {87.70MHz} Punto Radio, Spain  {90.20MHz}
  Menorca Radio, Spain  {90.30MHz} ES Radio, Spain  {90.30MHz} Cad Cien, Spain  {89.70MHz}


  RDP 1, Portugal  {87.70MHz} Rádio Renascença, Portugal  {90.20MHz} RDS, Portugal  {87.60MHz}
  RDP 3, Portugal  {88.10MHz} Radio Popular Afifense, Portugal  {87.60MHz}  













Tropo RDS SPY Recordings

   France Musique, France  {90.20MHz} France Bleu La Rochelle, France  {103.90MHz}  
   Omrop Fryslan, Holland  {92.20MHz} NDR 2, Germany  {87.60MHz}  
   NDR Kulture, Germany  {94.40MHz} DLF, Germany  {107.10MHz}  
   Einslive, Germany  {106.70MHz} CLASS 21, Belgium  {87.60MHz}  
   Danmarks Radio Program 1  {90.20MHz} Danmarks Radio Program 3  {92.90MHz}  
   Radio Nova, Danmark  {87.80MHz} SR P2, Sweden  {96.30MHz}  
   Danmarks Radio Program 4  {98.10MHz} NRK Program 2,  Norway  {98.70MHz}  
   NRK Program 3, Norway  {91.80MHz} NRK Program 1, Norway  {93.50MHz}  
   Danmarks Radio Midt & Vest, Danmark  {97.70MHz} SR P4, Radio Göteborg, Sweden  {101.90MHz}  
   Danmarks Radio  Program 2, Danmark  {100.30MHz}  France Inter, France  {99.80MHz}  
   HR 1, Germany  {94.40MHz} France Bleu Nord, France  {94.70MHz}  
   Radio 2, Holland  {87.70MHz} Omrop Fryslan, Holland  {92.20MHz}  
   RTE RNAG, Eire  {94.00MHz} RTE 2FM, Eire  {91.80MHz}  
   RTBF Pure FM, Belgium,  {96.60MHz} HR 3, Germany  {87.60MHz}  
   Funkhaus Europa, Germany,  {103.30MHz} WDR Eins Live, Germany  {106.70MHz}  
   NDR 2, Germany,  {92.10MHz} WDR 2, Germany  {92.20MHz}  
   NDR Kultur, Germany,  {89.90MHz} WDR 5, Germany  {90.30MHz}